proedu edgelab for photoshop

PROEDU- Edgelab Photoshop Plugin

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Free Download Proedu – Edge Refinement Vysics Toolset.

Edge Lab is the ultimate tool for portrait and product photographers obsessed with details and precision. Edge lab is an innovative approach to a new workflow that allows photographers to quickly isolate and manage edges to clean, refine, and composite into any environment they want.

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Edge Lab is a game-changer with portraiture and hair that needs detail to be managed carefully, especially for portrait photographers. Have you ever photographed someone on a light/white background only to find out that you want to put them on a dark background? The light bleed doesn’t blend properly, does it? Well, with Edge Lab, you can say goodbye to frustration and hello to innovation!

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File NamePROEDU – EdgeLab for Photoshop

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PROEDU- Edgelab Photoshop Plugin

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